Day 11 – Halls Creek to Katherine

After a night in the compound following the most appalling dinner known to man we left as soon as the compound gates opened.

The day was fine and clear as we have come to expect and we made good time to our breakfast stop at Turkey Creek. Sausages, Bacon and eggs of a two star standard were enjoyed.

The country side up to the border of WA and NT was grassland and hilly, after the border mostly hilly as we passed through the southern boundary of the Kimberley's.

We passed a brilliantly named little place called Feltchers Creek, I looked high and low and couldn't spot Jordan or Tony anywhere!!?

A dickhead in the restaurant last night warned us about the terrible road from Kununurra onwards to Katherine. What a complete load of crap. A better road probably couldn't be had. After the border the speed limit increased to 130km/h. yes, Northern Territory has done away with unlimited speeds.

We got our second road kill in Northern Territory, a Sand Goanna . Tried to miss him but alas he got smacked by the left wheels.

Stats for Today;

  • Fuel: 105.6l
  • Average Fuel: 11.9l/100
  • Time: 6:57
  • Distance: 887.8km
  • Average Speed: 127.7km/h
  • Total Distance so far: 8957.4km

The Hotel in Katherine is superb, with Wireless hotspot access, a pool, cold beer and a restaurant.?