Day 13 – Darwin to Tennant Creek

Early rise this morning as we have a great distance to travel down "The Track ".

It also appears to be dole day due to the huge preponderance of Aboriginals gathering outside pubs, bars and banks at each town we go through.

The Stuart Highway is an exceedingly boring stretch of road with the only excitement being the wandering cattle.

Tennant Creek is struggle town extraordinaire. There really is fuck all here. I need a rest anyway after today.

Stats for today;

  • Fuel: 123.9l
  • Fuel Consumption: 12.4l/100
  • Time 7:52
  • Distance 997.6km
  • Average Speed: 126.6km/h
  • Total Distance so far: 10,560.5 km

Tomorrow it is off to Cloncurry in Queensland. Yeehaa, that will be our fifth state in 14 days and our fifth border crossing as well.