Day 16 – Cairns – Townsville

Not so early start this morning as we are only going as far as Townsville. After breakfast we went to the Skyrail. This a fantastic attraction and shows off the Tropical Rainforest in a spectacular fashion. This is definately a must do.

We filled up and used the E10, first up because it was there and I wanted to try it, second because it was 4c per litre cheaper. Queensland uses E10 due to the large amount of sugar cane available to make it with.

After that we headed of to Townsville on what has been the most frustrating drive so far in the whole trip. Apparently the major crop is Sugar Cane, there is literally hundreds of kilometres of the stuff. We drove over 300km's today and the majority of it was through cane fields, man!, am I over sugar cane.

Progress was pedestrian.


  • Fuel: 35.1l
  • Average Fuel: 9.8l/100
  • Time: 4:15 (includes sightseeing at Cairns and Townsville)
  • Distance: 359.6km
  • Average speed: 84.2kmph
  • Total Distance so far: 12,720.6km

Upon arrival at Townsville we went up Castle Hill and enjoyed the view.

Tomorrow is a trip to Rockhampton which could be a road rage day if the traffic is like it was today.