Day 17 – Townsville – Rockhampton

Three days to go to complete the loop the loop and today's leg is to Rockhampton.

Cane and more cane, hundreds of miles of the stuff.

Today we copped our first speeding ticket, just north of Bowen. We have travelled exactly 12,863.2 kilometres, the vast majority of it well and truly over the speed limit and today we get pulled over by a cop doing 115km/h!!! Like that is speeding. We wisely kept quiet about our escapades of the last 16 days and Constable No.18064 as his partner were reasonably pleasant. They didn't like me taking pictures though.

Oh well $150.00 and a warning to slow down, oh and a whopping 3 demerit points if we had Aussie licences. This road was fair crawling with cops, we saw 6 more.?

Driving at slower speeds is actually more draining than moving along at a good clip and another thing, this country loves fricken' caravans…..there are literally thousands of them all crawling along and holding up traffic wherever they go. I have no idea why they bother with those stupid fricken' extended mirrors as they seem incapable of using the fricken' things.

When I am el Presidente, Minister of Everything for Life i promise that I will ban caravans from the road between the hours of 0400 and 2300.

Roadkill was pretty voluminous in the Kangaroo department and we saw 1 dead Echidna.?

Well, here we are in Rockhampton, note to self Queensland is shut on Sunday. How quaint.?

Stats for the day:

  • Fuel:72.0l
  • Average Fuel: 9.8l/100
  • Time: 7:41
  • Distance: 736.1 km
  • Average Speed: 95.6km/h
  • Distance so far: 13,456.7km

Tomorrow is a longer day, over 800km. We expect to be in Sydney on the 19th. That will be a complete circumnavigation by road of Australia inside 19 elapsed days. Travelling time will be actually quite a lot less.?

Oh and look what Skippy found in his coffee cup at the motel.?