Day 18 – Rockhampton to Ballina

Last night I got a call from a journalist who was writing a story about the Great Whaleoil Around Australia Road Trip. I spoke to him and it soon became clear that he was more concerned about slagging off a Kiwi and the excessive speeds I have been talking about. I pointed out to him several key aspects. Most of our speeding has been done on roads that are superbly constructed, with sparse traffic, that our speed has dropped considerably on the east coast due to built up areas and inappropriate roads and road conditions. I mentioned the nostalgia aspect of the trip in visiting places that Skippy had not seen in over 40 years and in some of those places he had actually built the first roads into and out of them. I also mentioned the superb role the Federal Government has had in building the National Highway. I then in my discussion with him discover that this little prat hasn't even travelled around Australia.

Anyway upon rising I grabbed The Morning Bulletin and read what he had written. As per usual with lazy journo's he mostly had used my words straight from the blog with about 10 of his own. He completely focussed on the speed, he never mentioned my comments about the truly appalling situation of the abo's in Halls Creek, he never mentioned the nostalgia aspect and he never mentioned my praise of the Federal Government in actually improving, vastly the state of the National Highway around Australia. Yes the article was negative but who gives a shit about a little rag in Bum-Fuck, Queensland. So James Brecknell, you little pansy, get out of your shitty little hole in Queensland and actually visit this magnificent country called Australia. You cannot comment on anything if your sole experience of life is town of 60,000 with an upside river.

Anyway back to the Road Trip.

We were travelling to Ballina today and the trip involved our second crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn, crossing of the Queensland/New South Wales Border and an end to the sugar cane. We also passed a dead Dingo, so that makes the road kill? we have passed almost complete. We his the Motorway about 250 km north of Brisbane and cruised along untroubled around Brisbane and over the toll bridge, at $2.50 this was a bargain for the time saved. The Motorway extends all the way down to over 100 km's past Brisbane meaning our average speed was somewhat higher than the previous two days. The further south we go the better the roads are becoming.

Stats for today;

  • Fuel: 72.6l
  • Average Fuel: 8.7l/100
  • Time: 8:45
  • Distance: 837.4km
  • Average speed: 95.6km/h
  • Total Distance so far: 14294.1km

Tomorrow is the last day of the Road Trip around Australia and we will make Sydney sometime after 1400. It has been a massive experience, one I doubt many Australian's have actually undertaken. Looping the loop is definately not an easy undertaking, nor a cheap one, but certainly is an effort worth making at least once in your life. It took Skippy over 40? years to realise his ambition to "loop the loop" and he is glad and well satisfied that he has done it. I am thankful that he chose me to travel around with him and it has certainly been an experience of a lifetime.?