Day 5 – The Nullarbor

Today we crossed the Nullarbor Plain from Ceduna to Norseman and then onto Esperance.

Key stats of the Crossing;

  • Fuel: 161.5l
  • Average Fuel 13.3l/100
  • Time: 8:27
  • Distance 1211.9km
  • Average Speed: 143.1

Our best 100km was 32 minutes. Most of the way we were over the ton…..thats the old fashioned ton, in miles per hour folks. Our top speed was over 200km/h.

The Navman informed us after the first turn at Ceduna ?continue straight, 1200 kilometres?. No turn offs, no nothing for 1200 kilometres. Included in that is the Longest Straight Road in Australia at 146.6km. We narrowly avoided a big Grey Kangaroo and later on two Emu walking across the road. We also saw several Wedge-tail Eagles and of course the ubiquitous farckin' crows.

The big plus was having binoculars so we could look ahead down the road and see if there were any cops waiting or oncoming. There weren't for the whole trip. the highest cost of fuel was midway across the Nullarbor at $1.78!!!

When we got to Norseman, it was only 1400 so we decided to do another 203km and stop at Esperance.

Total Drive today was;

  • Fuel: 185l
  • Average Fuel: 13.1l/100
  • Time: 10:08
  • Distance: 1417.3km
  • Average Speed 139.7

We are staying at Island View Esperance. Amazing place and we get to do our washing as well. A real bargain at $110 per night, the book says 3 star but i would give it a 5 star and the views across the bay are spectacular.

Crap internet here, so will post more tomorrow when I get to Perth. That will be a 800+ km trip.