Day 6 – Western Australia

Day 6 dawned fine but cold in Esperance. Today's leg to Perth is a reasonable distance but we also have to include a side trip to Denmark for some reminiscing.

It has been over 40 years since Skippy had been through this region. He went to Denmark on an Aussie army exercise and met up with two sailors from HMAS Kimbla, they decided to cast aspersions on the senior corps of the Army by calling a gunner a private. Not happy with the retort the gunner was asked to step outside. Everything was fine until the sailor got soft and his mate made it two on one. Suffice to say the Artillery are way better in a scrap than the Navy. Reminiscning over.

After backtracking we hit the road for Perth. Reasonably quick trip considering Road Trains and general traffic.

Key stats;

  • Fuel: 100.5l
  • Average Fuel: 10.4l/100
  • Time: 9:18
  • Distance: 962.3km
  • Average Speed: 103.3km/h

Tonight we are safely esconced in the Hyatt Regency Perth , courtesy of a certain brother who happens to work for them. Drivingin we came down the Kwinana Freeway and noticed a brilliant public transport system actually running down the centre of the Freeway, now that is clever thinking.

Generally around the 3415km's We have travelled so far I have been really impressed with roading infrastructure. The Nullarbor especially was topnotch. New Zealand Roads pale into insignificance compared with the roads over here.