Day 7 – Perth to Carnavon

We left Perth at 0700 this morning and followed the directions of our faithful Navman out of the city. From then on it was fairly straight forward driving.

The amazing thing about this massive country is that you rarely get bored. The scenery changes every 100km's or so. The amazing thing is that apart from the cities there appears to be no Police anywhere else….until they catch us that is.

We had the best breakfast of the trip this morning in a one horse town petrol station called Cataby….ok, there wasn't a horse. The breakfat however, rated a Whaleoil and Skippy rating of 4 stars. The rating was given on speed of delivery, taste, which was out of this world and gut feel. Almost before I had finished asking if they had hot chocolate one was thrust into my grateful mits. They also have massive truckie size mugs for coffee.

From there it was all quick driving to Carnavon, past the Space Station. The temperature has improved considerably since leaving Perth. We crossed the 26th parallel a bit after 1400. Tomorrow we cross the Tropic of Capric orn.

Stats for today;

Fuel: 103.4l

Consumption: 11.4l/100

Time: 8:13

Distance: 908.6km's

Average Speed: 110.4km/h

Total Distance: 5881.8 km's in seven days

The car is travelling brilliantly. It is a Mitsubishi 380 and is pretty economical as you can see from the stats. We are staying at the Carnavon Gateway Motel.