Day 9 – Port Hedland to Broome

Beautiful day here in Australia today. It is the dry season in the Top End and that means no clouds. The sunrise was simply amazing.

We stopped for breakfast at the Pardoo Roadhouse and enjoyed out 1st equal breakfast. We originally planned to stop at Sand Fire but felt hungry earlier. Just as well because as we pulled into Sand Fire we saw that the road house had burnt to the ground. Apparently it was an electrical fault and caught fire about 8 weeks ago.

There was a great deal more wildlife on the road today, we scored our first kill, a King Brown , we nailed him right in the middle. Plenty of wallabies trying to nail us and let me tell you it is hair raising going from 180km/h to zero whilst trying to avoid the little critters.

Broome looks like a cool little town except it is 28 degrees. I am going to do my dhobi and then shopping.

Stats for today are;

  • Fuel: 85.4l
  • Average Fuel: 14.2l
  • Time 4:10
  • Distance: 603.7km
  • Average Speed: 145.1km/h (new record)
  • Total Distance so far: 7376.3km

Accomodation tonight is in the fabulous Moonlight Bay Suites.

Tomorrow it is off to Hall's Creek where ever the bloody hell that is.