Don't leap to judge Fiji coup

A learned reader pointed me at this article from the Presbyterian Church.

It is something which caught me by surprise.? I didn't know the Presbyterian Church could show such good sense.?

[quote]However, the actions of the military and the appointment of the interim regime have attracted much criticism from overseas governments. There have been harsh travel bans and advisories, threats of trade sanctions, including withdrawal of aid, and e. orts to exclude Fiji from UN peace missions and the Commonwealth. For many in Fiji, these reactions seem hypocritical, especially as the US is widely believed to have been involved in the first coup in 1987 that removed a democratically elected government. Many wonder what has happened to Australia and New Zealand?s insistence on ?good governance, transparency and accountability?.

There is no danger for visitors to Fiji. To date there has been no gun fire. The checkpoints and the general state of emergency imposed by the military have on the contrary helped to reduce the level of crime considerably and been welcomed by the town residents especially. It is true that a number of people have been taken to the military barracks for questioning and there has been some alleged abuse of human rights by individual soldiers. But generally life is normal for the majority of people in Fiji.
The interim government is trying to make the country ready for new elections, but it will take time to redraw the electoral boundaries, and to reorganize the electoral system, which is now based on race and only perpetuates the divisions and injustices that caused the coup. Fiji needs the support of other countries in the Pacific to accomplish this within the set timeframe of three years.[/quote]

Gee, and the Clarkists would have us believe otherwise.?