Editorial: Key and English need to do some Nats-making

Editorial: Key and English need to do some Nats-makingIt was George W Bush, so often a stranger to wisdom, who recently said: "I've been in politics long enough to know that polls just go poof at times." This country has just experienced its very own "poof" moment.A series of polls… [NZ Politics]

Yep, and the editorial explain the ease with which National is already coalition building and the problems that Labour faces after 8 years of treating their partners with complete disdain. Cullen of course also comes in for some long overdue criticism.

[quote]Part of the problem is Cullen. He is experiencing what the modern vernacular would term a "disconnect".

The Budget was a classic example. Here was a man who has done more than any other to prove a Labour-led government can be trusted with the economy, completely failing, or completely unwilling, to understand why voters don't see the issue of tax cuts the same way he does.

If the Budget told Clark anything, it's that Cullen might not be able to win the next election, but he can certainly lose it.[/quote]

It is time for a change for good.?