Green and Field hopelessly compromised over Fiji

There is a great deal of frothing and spitting over Fiji at the moment, not forgetting of course the hypocrisy exhibited by our Prime Minister for not mentioning tibet, ignoring the military regime in Thailand with which NZ has a Free Trade Agreement, not to mention Pakistan, where helen clark feted Musharraf to a State Dinner when he came here.

No when it comes to Fiji there is heaps of hypocrisy and quite a lot of mis-information floating around. Any reporter or blogger worth his salt should actually take the time to inform themselves about Fiji with some accuracy. I don't mean read the MSM as they are woefully mis-informed either willingly or simply through laziness. Now I challenge you to find any Fiji organisation in New Zealand that wants a return to Qarase's inept, corrupt, nepotistic government, just one will do…..they'll be hard to find. Without fail any Fijian I have spoken to both in Fiji and in New Zealand think that what Frank B is doing is great, about time and should have been done sooner.

For more information about the meddling Michael Green, and the bias of the MSM reporter who was asked to sling his hook, get over to TBR.CC and read a few little details that our government and Media don't want you to know about.

You should also check out the comments of former All Black Brad Johnstone about the so-called danger for kiwi's in Fiji.

Of course what would I know, I'm just a stupid Kiwi blogger who happened to be born in Fiji, has a few friends who live and work in Fiji and helps out Fijians based in Auckland….of course I wouldn't know anything.