I love animals….

It is true I do love animals, they're delicious.

I have eaten just about everything. Horse, Goat, Venison, Pig (A wonderful magical animal), possum, ostrich, grasshoppers, huhu grubs, rats, frogs, dog, monkey etc. About the only thing I haven't eaten knowingly is cat, but that is just a matter of time.

Tonight I went to Dundee's Restaurant and had the Australian Fare platter. A tender slice of char grilled buffalo, smoked emu sausage, pan-fried barramundi fillet, skewered kangaroo and crocodile served with their own sauce….mmmmmm. Delicious, and well worth the dollars. The croc and the buff were my favourite.

A Whaleoil and Skippy Four Star meal.

Last night however was our second Five Star meal at the restaurant at the Gidgee Inn Motel where we were staying. Very, very good meal but only our second best. The Raging Bull in Darwin is still by far and away the best meal. I actually don't think it can be beaten.?