It's official: Politicians just can't take a joke

It's official: Politicians just can't take a jokeMPs may make fools of themselves from time to time but they want to ban others from doing it. Satire, ridicule and denigration of MPs using any television footage shot from parliamentary galleries is to be banned under rules proposed… [NZ Politics]

Never fear, this blogger will stand up and continually use Satire, Ridicule and Denigration of MP's and I will use any footage that I can get my hands on. In fact I am setting up a video server for just such a purpose.

In particular I will be targetting Winston Peters, Peter Dunne and the whole of Labour for being precious, jumped up, pompous arseholes that deserve the denigration that I and others will heap upon you.

Rodney said it best;

[quote]"The difference between living in a dictatorship and living in a democracy is that we are allowed to make fun of our politicians."[/quote]

Lets see them stop blogger huh!?