Mayoral Meddling in Whangarei

It sounds like there is a very worried Mayor up in Whangarei if there are any legs to this report from Radio New Zealand.

[quote]A Whangarei ratepayer group is accusing the Mayor Pamela Peters of trying to silence free speech, by persuading Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey not to speak at a public meeting in Whangarei.

The Integrity Action group is one of several accusing the Whangarei District Council of over-spending and acting outside its mandate. It had booked Mr Harvey to address a public meeting about democracy in local government next week.

But Mike Mansell says Mr Harvey's office rang on Thursday to cancel, saying Mrs Peters wanted him to pull out.

Mrs Peters says she called Mr Harvey to make him aware of the content of fliers being circulated by Integrity Action and he made his own decision not to come.[/quote]

Hmmm…methinks there is a little bit too much meddling going on here and Ms Peters is running more than a little scared about details of the rorts and scams that her council is running getting out to the wider audience.

Too late Ms Peters, I have become aware of many of the case of shenanigins that is going on in your neck of the woods and I will be exposing them in the lead up to the Local Body elections in October.

UPDATE: Frank Newman has additional information about the carry on of Ms Peters.?