"Nice Bazookas ya have there"

Aviation Security Services is testing new scanners that use radio waves to display head-to-toe images of people stripped bare of their clothes, exposing any metal objects, explosive devices, drugs or even diamonds they may have hidden under their clothing.

Of course the wowsers are having a massive whinge about civil liberties. Excuse me Mr Civil Liberties wanker, I have civil liberties to travel unfettered by bomb carrying rag heads, thank you very much. In case you hadn't noticed the world changed after 9/11. you the rag-headsdon't negotiate anymore they just kill you. Gloves are off.

Anyway the way some people are they should be ashamed to have to force Aviation Security officers to look at their hideous shapes.

According to AIAL's website they deal with 10 million arrivals and departures annually, that is approximately 27,397 people needing scanning each day. I don't think that the staff are going to remember Mrs Fatty-Arse, Miss Saggy-Tits or Mr Tiny-Cock with that many going through daily. Get over yourselves, they won't care a jot whether you like to travel commando or not. Of course they will know pretty damn quick about your clitoral piercings, your nipple rings and if you are a bloke, your Prince Albert that you didn't tell the rest of the team about.