Principal's slam Meddling Monday Food Police

Watch the polls as Labour slumps after Meddling Monday.

People do not like the government meddling in their living rooms, so they will dislike it even more now the government is meddling in the lunch-box.

Even that ardent socialist group the teachers are up in arms over the latest government interference.

Principals have reacted angrily to the Government ban on daily sales of unhealthy food at school canteens, some ridiculing it as an intrusion of state "food police".

Note the guidelines include "integrated" schools. There is a downside to accepting funding from the government when you become "integrated", it is called meddling.

Dale Burden, headmaster of Mt Albert Grammar sums it all up;

[quote]"We might just wait for the food police to come and tell us off. It's a nonsense – selling pies once a term. Why … this level of interference in schools when there are so many more important things to worry about?"[/quote]

Get out of our lives, now.?