Road signs in Victoria

Driving through Victoria today I was impressed how frequent signs are reminding road users of hazards. Clearly Victoria has got its Road saftey priorities in balance. Speed cameras are very well marked giving you a good chance of avoiding the fine, but at the same time warning you of your driving habits.

Examples of signs are as follows;

Microsleeps Kill in Seconds – These lethal things seem to be all over the state and live in all types of terrain. i never saw one but somehow they don't seem to live in South Australia.

Log Crossing – Couldn't work out this one, I didn't even know logs could walk!!!

Powernaps! Rest if Sleepy – Bizarre sign, seems to only apply to one of the seven dwarves.

Drowsy Drivers Die – Seems to be some sort of wish, or perhaps a state policy.

Open your Eyes, Fatigue Kills – As if closing your eyes isn't dangerous by itself, apparently fatigue is also dangerous.

Fatigue, the only cure is sleep – Luckily the cure for fatigue is easy to obtain.

Don't Sleep and Drive – If you are asleep how do you read this sign.

Powernaps, 15 minutes can save your life – So microsleeps kill in seconds but if you should get yourself a powernap before you die it takes 15 minutes to save you.?