The ever reliable Mad Dog Fingers Bad Dog

In the Herald today Richard Prebble examines SOE's and their decline in usefulness and responsiveness after moving from having competent individuals running them to lickspittles and toady's.

His best lines are about responsibility and his comments on Mad Dog Clark.

[quote]There is something wrong in the culture of Mercury Energy. The company's initial response was to deny any responsibility. Refusal to accept responsibility is always a sign of a poor culture. Part of a successful culture is fronting up to mistakes and taking responsibility.

If Helen Clark won't admit as owner she has some responsibility why should anyone else admit to any? Indeed, why would anyone successful in business be an SOE director when Helen Clark publicly snubbed the representatives of Mercury Energy outside the Muliaga home? They say there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. It is not the SOE model that has failed, just its owner.[/quote]

Yep. She shrieked loud and long about Ministerial responsibility when it was a National Cabinet Minister in the gun, now she is strangely silent over Corrections and being deliberately mis-directional over Mercury Energy.