TV rule puts limits on election ads

TV rule puts limits on election adsTwo legal academics have attacked the new parliamentary rules on the use of television, suggesting they constrain freedom of expression and run contrary to the Bill of Rights. Most of the criticism so far has centred around MPs'… [NZ Politics]

A little aspect of the new rules is that they also ban political parties from using images of each other for attack advertising in election campaigns.

[quote]Barrister and media law lecturer Steven Price said it was difficult to see how the proposed restrictions "can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society" – a reference from the Bill of Rights Act.

"I'm also astonished to see that it doesn't permit the use of material for election campaigning."[/quote]

So, for example, if the Prime Minister could be shown to have lied in the House, and there is sure to be plenty of that footage available, the Opposition couldn't use footage of that in its election campaign.

Yep, this is supression of freedom of expression for sure. Bloggers must unite and show the pollies what a bunch of cocks they are.