Unions – An Aussie look

There is a huge stoush over in Australia about the roll if unions in politics, in particular the peculiar hold they seem to have over the Labor Party. Gee, I could have written that line and substituted Australia for New Zealand.

However it started a couple of weeks ago when the unions secret election plans were busted. A secret manual has come to light which shows ACTU plans to target swinging voters in marginal seats in the lead up to the upcoming election.

This week the WA Supreme Court ordered a video tape of a union official and Labor Party official released so the public could judge his actions on a building site. It is simply amazing to watch, it has been broadcast repeatedly on all major channels.

[quote]On the footage released in the WA Supreme Court, Mr McDonald is repeatedly asked to leave a Perth construction site by a representative from the Q-Con construction company.

The representative tells Mr McDonald he doesn't have a right of entry permit for the site and he's trespassing.

Mr McDonald protests he is trying to hold a union meeting and says there are safety issues at the site.

"This is the dog that wants to steal your conditions," Mr McDonald tells the workers gathered.

"This fucking thieving parasite dog's days are numbered.

"He'll be working at Hungry Jacks while I'm still a union official."

Mr McDonald and the workers then agreed to leave the site to hold a meeting off the premises.

"Don't let these people bully you," Mr McDonald says.

"Don't be intimidated. He's too fat, he's too small, he's too old. They are all fucked."

In separate footage, taken on February 22 at the Pindan Construction site also in Perth, Mr McDonald is again repeatedly asked to leave the site.

"I can't get down there, it's unsafe," Mr McDonald responds.

"Fuck off. I'll wait till the workers are made safe."[/quote]

Nice guy, anyway Kevin Rudd is moving to expell him from the party but the damage is done, also this will likely lead to a faction fight in the ALP which Rudd needs like a hole in the head now Little Johnny is climbing back in the polls.

One newpaper described John Howard as the Yoda of Australian politics. ?