What a bunch of poofters

Good God, MP's are such soft cocks. they need to seriously harden up.

[quote]Politicians are planning new rules to ensure the media show them in a good light, while at the same time making it a potential contempt of Parliament to use pictures poking fun at them.

The new rules, written as a multimillion-dollar taxpayer-funded feed of Parliament is readied for air, will also cover existing broadcasters.

Footage of interjections and reactions, currently banned, will be allowed as will general background shots that illustrate the mood of the House and introduce variety into the coverage.

However, newspaper photographers will be banned from taking the same shots as Parliament's own cameras and other television crews.

Specifically banned would be the use of material for "satire, ridicule or denigration", commercial sponsorship or advertising and political or election advertising except with the permission of all members shown.[/quote]

Let me tell you, this blogger for one will certainly be using footage for "satire, ridicule and dengration" preferably all three and you can haul me before parliament for contempt all you like, I won't stop. If you act like dickheads then I will treat you like dickheads.

I see this as an attack on freedom of expression. Politicians who pass these rules deserve the contempt of the people.?