What is this? Meddling Monday?

Fucking meddling socialists, they have made today Meddling Monday.

First up the old crone decides that it would be good to threaten SOE's with a little bit of good old fashioned re-regulation unless they become more compassionate towards slack bill payers.

Then we hear that the same motley crue are now deciding what our kids can and cannot eat. Fuck 'em I say. Stop fucking meddling in our lives.?

Now the Reserve Bank in a display of complete reckless meddling has stepped into the market to sell down the currency, ironically the same currency they have forced up through their stupid interest rate polcies. Fucking Hell this is Muldoon all over again.

The Reserve Bank would not have intervened alone, the slimy histrionic fingers of Cullen are all over this debacle.?

Hey, Socialists!!!! Get your grubby mitts off of our lives, we have had a gutsful of y'all.?