Where's the money, Winston?

Winston First and United Future still owe us the money they nicked . United Future at least has made part payment but Winston First still has not repaid one cent of the money they nicked.

This is outright thievery on the part of Winston Peters. He has a bloody gall to stand up in parliament and berate NZ business leaders when he himself is party to a fraud against the NZ taxpayer. Not only that he was caught red-handed up to his armpits in the? till and unbelievably still maintains he did nothing wrong despite the Auditor-General saying otherwise.

It is ironic that it is the lickspittle poodle parties that remain as defaulters. If only our Police force wasn't horribly, politically corrupt we could have seen these bastards prosecuted.?

Meanwhile Labour continues the raid on the public purse with continuing ads on the NZ Herald website that are redirecting people to their own website. This is nothing but blatant public funding of party political broadcasts.?