Who needs enemies when you have friends like these?

Paul Keating has delivered a right good shellacking to Kevin Rudd's Labor Party and other key Labor politicians.

On unions he said;

"unions are not much good at what they do these days?.

?The unions are just ineffective at getting real wage increases for working people,?

?They've gone to seed, the unions.?

On key Rudd strategists David Epstein and Gary Gray;

"In the end, those kind of conservative, tea-leaf reading, focus group-driven polling types who I think led Kim into nothingness – you know, he's got his life to repent in leisure now, from what they did to him – they're back, they're back,"

"The Labor Party is not going to profit from having these proven unsuccessful people around who are frightened of their own shadow and won't get out of bed in the morning unless they've had a focus group report telling them which side to get out."

"These are, in my opinion, no-value people. Wouldn't fight, don't know how to fight, much less fighting the Liberal Party. They don't have the structure, or the creativity, or the passion, or the belief to go and grab the prize. They don't understand a victory."

On Labor's deputy leader, Julia Gillard;

Asked how she had handled Australian Workplace Agreements, Mr Keating said: "Not very well, not very well."

Meanwhile Kevin Rudd made a complete fool of himself without any intervention. At a news conference he said: "I understand Mr Howard has just announced a deployment to Afghanistan. 'Are you aware of this? A further deployment of 300 troops?" he asked reporters. "We've just received that information ? our position as the alternative government has always been to support our military engagement in Afghanistan. We are positively disposed towards this particular deployment."

Unfortunately for Mr Rudd the troop annoouncement was at least two months old and the troops have been and come back and are nice and cosy back in their barracks.