WTF is this!!!!

On the NZ Herald website I was assaulted with this offensive image. It seems Labour never learns from its mistakes. They nicked $15 million to promote Working for Families the first time round and now they have nicked even more to promote Kiwisaver themselves. Look at the fricken ad, it is Bright red, Labour is mentioned three times and Kiwisaver only twice and it sends you to their website where you are bombarded with more taxpayer funded party political broadcasts.

Apparently? Kiwisaver, Cheaper doctors visits and 20NotFree are all part of Labours Sustainable New Zealand campaign…..see the little NZ sourrounded by the money go-round labels, beside the hug-fest logo.

Their thievery is shameless ans spectacular. They also must be broke as hell to resort to this sort of blatant stealing.

Questions need to be asked about this.?

At least we now know what Labour means by Sustainable New Zealand……New Zealand sustaining the Labour Party!!!!?