Yeehaa!!! Whaleoil is an R-Rated Blog

Everyone is checking theirs so I checked mine. I am pleased to announce that Whale Oil Beef Hooked is an R-Rated blog. David pussied out with only a PG-Rating.

The rating was determined because based on the presence of the following words:

  • fucking (3x)
  • suicide (2x)
  • prick (1x)


Online Dating

Right you are then, lets see if we can get that a little higher shall we?

Arse, ass, butt, fuck, shit, cunt, beastiality, shag, cock, vagina, dick, penis, asshole, wanker, pussy, gay, homo, kill, rape, sex with animals, death, dead. Right that should sort the arseholes out.

UPDATE: Yep, that worked. Now an NC-17, hehehe