111 system fails again

‘I tried 111 15 times’, says home invasion victim – 08 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Once again the 111 system is under the spotlight after a victim of a vicious home invasion tried ringing 111 fifteen times over 20 minutes in an attempt to get some help.

Police headquarters spokesman Michael Player said an inquiry had been launched into the matter. He said a technical malfunction of the magnitude described would be extremely unusual and police would examine the automatic record of events to establish what had happened.

The automated service is run for police under contract by Telecom. Company spokesman Mark Watts said the company was “very concerned” about the situation described by Gundy and would work with police to find what might have gone wrong.

I wonder if anyone will go for a skate on this one, or will “a computer cock-up” be blamed?

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