140,000 homes without power and not one person dies – funny that

Thieves target businesses in blackout – 11 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Funny that in a city the size of Auckland, that when 140,000 homes are left without power for a not insignificant time there is no rush of reported deaths form said failure.

Kind of puts the case of the fat woman who didn’t pay her power bill into perspective doesn’t it.

Perhaps it was just me and I missed the news, let’s check the other major papers to see if there actually was a body count from the power outage.

Otago Daily Times
– nope, no bodies mentioned there.

Dominion Post
– none here either.

That settles it, 140,000 homes without power and no deaths as a result. Remind me again why Mrs Muilaga died. Oh that’s right she didn’t pay her power bill and ate herself into a life threatening situation.

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