Audrey Young: Clark must make changes at the top

Audrey Young: Clark must make changes at the topThere is more than a passing interest in the New Zealand Labour Party at what is happening with the British Labour Party following new Prime Minister Gordon Brown's attempts to rejuvenate the party from within office. All but one… [NZ Politics]

Audrey Young discusses labour's and Clark's predicament in attempting a reshuffle and about possible replacements including CLark's own.

When you read this commentary you are left with the distinct impression that Labour is bereft of talent. If you have to rely on names such as Jones, Street, Dalziel, Carter, Cunliffe and Cosgrove then your party is in clear trouble. If the only logical successor to Michael Cullen is the maoist Goff then you are rooted there as well and when Cullen's acolyte has screwed the pooch as badly as mallard has over the thstadium, America's Cup and through his general bovver boy attitude then where are left?

The gutter must be looking good right now for some of these Clark lickspittles. As for Clark, well when you are the only one at the top and things start going bad then there is really only one person to blame and that is the one at the top.?