Audrey Young: Hawkes Bay whistleblower's allegations deserve investigation

Audrey Young: Hawkes Bay whistleblower's allegations deserve investigationAlarm bells should be ringing in the offices of the Auditor General and Ombudsman over the Government's response to a weekend story about a whistleblower who no longer works for the Hawkes Bay District Health Board. These independent… [NZ Politics]

Yes indeed, rumours have it that Gollum is indeed throwing his toys out of the cot over the effective gazumping of his whitewash attempt. Audrey Young outlines the lengths that Gollum has gone to ensure it doesn't get investigated by thee Auditor-General.

[quote]"I feel anxious about troubling the Auditor-General over something which is almost nothing".

In the next breath it was serious enough to get three people on the case – the leading member of the review group being the current chairman of another DHB, who is appointed by the Government and answerable ultimately to Hodgson.

The terms of reference released on Tuesday were disturbing as well.[/quote]

These are the same terms of reference that so concerned the board itself that they passed a resolution asking, nay, begging the Auditor-general to investigate with a much wider scope.?

The A-G should indeed look into this.?