Audrey Young: I'm bloody angry with Key

Blog: I'm bloody angry with KeyJohn Key has just issued a press statement saying my story in today's Herald on the tr [NZ Politics]

News flash Audrey we, the bloggers, are bloody angry with you the MSM. How come you get all indignant now?

When did you ever get indiginant about all the b.s. that Clark and her lickspittles have trotted out over the years to you, their lies, their obfuscations, their utter deceit?

When have you ever printed transcripts of taped recordings of any Labour Minister when you felt they had decieved you?

The answer to all of those questions of course is never, but now that Dear Leader is taking a hit you try to create a storm in a teacup about a bill that most of us just don't give a damn about.

Either be a blogger or try to be a decent journalist, but don't be a Blojo.

The MSM is trying desperately to halt the march of bloggers against them, Blojo's will not succeed. You see when you write trite, sanctimonious and pure pieces on page and then scream bloody murder on others you can rightly be called a hypocrite. Choose Audrey, Blogging or Journalism, the two don't go together.

Blogs are popular because we don't use editors, because we say what we feel and because we strip the spin away. Blojo's are an unhappy and ultimately doomed experiment by a beleagured MSM. I mean it isn't really a blog when you post once a day is it, if that.