Bainimarama compares coup to US War of Independence

Bainimarama compares coup to US War of Independence – 09 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: World / International News

Bainimarama compares coup to US War of Independence

Frank Bainimarama has basically told Condi to shove it when she spoke at a meeting in Washington against the coup in Fiji.

[quote]”The Pacific cannot devolve into an area where strong men unilaterally decide the fates of their country and destabilise democratic foundations of their neighbours,”[/quote]

But Bainimarama said his strong-arm actions were like the strong-arm methods of those who fought in America’s Revolutionary War against Britain.

[quote]”Two hundred years ago in America it was strong-arm people that made America what it is today, one of the most powerful countries if not the most powerful and prosperous country. Two hundred years ago.”

“One hundred and fifty years ago America had the constitution up and running. One hundred and fifty years ago we were still clubbing one another,”

“We are just starting a long journey. They have gone through that,”

“They think that because we wear the same clothes and we answer mobiles and you are holding the tape recorder they are the same as us, but we have not come to that state yet.”

“My advice is really … to let us be. Let us sort our problems out and the election is not going to do it for us,”[/quote]

And bloody good advice that is too, now if only Clark would listen up she may learn something.

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