Banksie is back

Banking on a comebackJohn Banks has launched a bid to regain the Auckland City mayoralty he lost to Dick Hubbard three years ago, promising a new style and new policies. After months of speculation, the 60-year-old former National Party Cabinet minister… [NZ Politics]

Yeah, Banksie is back to see off Hubbard and his little band of cheerleaders.

[quote]"Auckland and its residents have been suffering over the last three years. Massive rates hikes, wasteful spending, and poor civic leadership has seen the city council fail its citizens. Arguably, the current administration is one of the worst in living memory," said Mr Banks.

"Council spending is out of control and debt is projected to blow out. Even worse, the bickering, infighting, and secret meetings has seen a collapse of confidence in Auckland City's leadership."

"We need to restore openness and accountability, leadership, and affordable progress for local residents."

"I acknowledge the need to listen more along with decisive leadership. That's why goodwill is a focus of my campaign. In particular, I want to end the appalling practice of hiding controversial items in secret meetings to cover up skyrocketing rates."

"Auckland has many challenges in the leadup to the 2011 Rugby World Cup. However, residents expect value for money. That's why I offer affordable progress to ratepayers. We cannot rate people out of their homes to pay for profligate council spending. This means first and foremost focusing on core council responsibilities and ending the culture of extravagance and waste."

"Auckland is a good place to live, but it can be a great place to live. With your support on October the 13th, we can make this happen,"[/quote]

I wonder if Hubbard will just give up now and crawl back to making crap cereal.

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