"Baton Boy" set to face 6 charges

Rickards set to face six charges – 08 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Clint “Baton” Rickards is possibly up on 6 Police internal charges for serious misconduct. These charges will effectively end his career as a Policeman.

The charges relate to;

  • Rickards’ admission in court he had sex with Louise Nicholas, two counts.
  • comments he made outside the High Court at Auckland where he described the police investigation as “a shambles” – and gave his support to convicted rapists and jailbirds Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum. Two counts.
  • Rickards’ admission he had what he said was consensual sex with another woman. Two counts.

If the charges are laid and the internal hearing finds him guilty Rickards will be out on his ear.

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