Benson-Pope admits involvement in Setchell case

Benson-Pope admits involvement in Setchell caseDavid Benson-Pope's ministerial career will be hanging by a thread right now after today's Question Time. The Environment Minister's answer to National's Gerry Brownlee in question four confirmed what many suspected – that Benson-Pope… [NZ Politics]

Sgt Slut-boy should be gone by lunchtime tomorrow. National have nailed his sorry ass well and truly in the house today.

Audrey Young is not best pleased.

[quote]The crime is not so much the political interference; it is that all along he has been misleading about whether he gave an opinion to Hugh Logan about whether Setchell should keep her job.

The line he has been peddling all week is that all he had conveyed to Logan was that it was an employment issue that was his, Logan's, alone.

He misled me as well.[/quote]

The media will be baying for blood and this time they are likely to get it. Panty Slut-boy is going to get a spanking he should really enjoy.

[quote]6. GERRY BROWNLEE (National?Ilam) to the Minister for the Environment: Did the Chief Executive of the Ministry for the Environment ever ask him for his opinion on the appointment of Madeleine Setchell as the communications manager of the ministry; if so, what did he say?

Hon DAVID BENSON-POPE (Minister for the Environment): No; I had one conversation with the chief executive relating to this matter before it was resolved. That conversation happened when he drew me aside in the context of a meeting about other issues and advised me there was an issue he was dealing with involving the partner of a National Party staff member, and that he had formed a preliminary view that there was a conflict of interest and that he was working with the State Services Commission to manage that issue. I noted two things: first, that this was clearly an employment issue and therefore his responsibility alone to manage, and, secondly, that from the point of view of my office I would likely be less free and frank in meetings with such a person. That was a statement of the obvious.

Gerry Brownlee: What miraculous events have occurred overnight for the Minister to have this greater recollection of the meetings held on 29 May that he could not remember yesterday, and has he also perhaps forgotten that he did say to Mr Hugh Logan: ?I won?t have that woman in my office.??[/quote]

Gerry went on to drive the nails home. Clark must be strapping on her dominatrix suit as we speak. ?