Benson-Pope was slow to tell full story says Clark

Benson-Pope was slow to tell full story says ClarkFormer Cabinet minister David Benson-Pope told Helen Clark about his comments in the Madeleine Setchell affair only after the State Services Commission had informed the Prime Minister's Office about the remarks. Mr Benson-Pope… [NZ Politics]

Panty Slut-boy is apprently not suitable material for being a minister after being caught lying. Clearly it is still a rewuirement to be a Labour MP as he is still there and not booted from parliament for the same offence.

However clearly Clark has had enough of his shenangins and has continued to put the boot in and twist the knife over the last couple of days.?

He is now officially on her shit list and had best find a new career as hints are being tossed all over the place about his selection chances for next year.?