Blowout likely to increase city projects by $18m

Blowout likely to increase city projects by $18mSenior officers at Auckland City are understood to have outlined an $18 million cost blowout to the troubled Queen St upgrade and other central city projects in a "confidential" report to councillors. The Herald understands that… [Auckland News]

Profligate spending and poor controls over projects continue to dog Auckland City Council projects. While all this happens the council tries to keep it all secret.

The Herald has discovered that rising costs and improvements to a number of projects still to be started have risen from about $26 million to $44 million, according to a report going to the urban strategy and governance committee on Friday.

This rise is mainly attributed to two projects, the Queen Street upgrade and the Greenlane Interchange upgrade.

So much for King Dick's promises of openness, transparency and accountability. Another socialist lie, huh!