Bring back John say readers

Is it time for John Banks to return? – 10 Jul 2007 – Your Views, reader comment and debate on current events – New Zealand Herald

John Banks will be re-elected in a landslide if the comments on the NZ Herald site are anything to go by. Comments are running about 65% in favour of Banksie. Here is a classic example;

[quote]Helen (Grey Lynn)
I voted Labour all my life and voted for Dick Hubbard at the last election. I agreed with what he said about not wanting his mother rated out of her house under Banks' mayoralty. But this is precisely what has happened under Dick Hubbard! Rates have gone up exponentially and added to this is the proposed water rates rise which makes me look back on the Banks' days with nostalgia. Hubbard has been a nightmare; I will be voting for John Banks alongside a number of my friends who voted Hubbard last time. Hasn't Dick made a difference; yeah right! Go John![/quote]

Clearly Jordan, as usual, is so far out of touch so as not to matter as he dips his oar into something he knows nothing about. Best Jordan sticks to lobbying Labour for more Rainbow representation or commenting on how well labour is doing in the polls.

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