City Vision – An on-line study

Well, it is local body election time so i think a review of the contenders and the tickets is in order.

Because of the huge amount of publicity that has ensued as City Vision busts apart I thought I would start there.

They do actually have a website which is promising. I note with a tiny bit of irony that their tag line is "Bring Auckland Together". Design is simple and navigation the same, perhaps that says something avout their supports, or the content to come.

So, lets go through the links, first up is about us and here we find the first stupid statement;

[quote]It represents the local Labour, Green and Alliance Parties and other progressive people who are active and keen to represent their communities but do not belong to any political party (community independents).[/quote]

mmmmmkay, so Labour, Green and the Aliiance aren't poltical parties and what is it with the leftists that they think they are "progressive". having the luddites of the Greens in the mix is hardly "progressive", it is more regressive that anything else.

The second link takes you to CV news, this should be intersting, except it isn't apart from the lake of anything there. It has press releases from 2003 to 2004 and then nothing at all until just a few weeks ago. Just what have City Vision been doing for three years that warrant either hiding it or not saying it at all.

In the media is even more bereft of news, the last posting being the announcement of Bruce Hucker withdrawing from the mayoralty race in 2004 and endorsing Hubbard. A move that ensured Hubbard won and that was rewarded almost immediately by Hubbard declaring ineffectual war on Bruce Hucker that still continues to this day. Apart from that little tidbit, nothing at all about City Vision in the news since 2004. I'll help them out, here are some of the missing articles, well 10 out of over 30 according to Google news;

Editorial: City Vision faces water damage New Zealand Herald, New Zealand – 14 Jun 2007

Is the Queen Street upgrade worth the disruption? New Zealand Herald, New Zealand

Isolated Hucker vows to fight on New Zealand Herald, New Zealand – 26 Jun 2007

Harried Hucker in charge of city New Zealand Herald, New Zealand – 29 Jun 2007

Brian Rudman: Jump or be pushed – either way it's good for a laugh New Zealand Herald, New Zealand – 26 Jun 2007

Call for Auckland deputy mayor to quit New Zealand Herald, New Zealand – 25 Jun 2007

Man favoured to take over has chequered history New Zealand Herald, New Zealand – 26 Jun 2007

Hucker's replacement backs hiking water rates New Zealand Herald, New Zealand – 14 Jun 2007

Councillors' change of heart over water bills New Zealand Herald, New Zealand – 20 Jun 2007

…and on and on it goes endless articles about how much of a bunch of fools and incompetents these tossers are.

Now we move onto the candidates section and we find nothing spectacular there except what a sorry bunch of failed party hacks. One of particular interest to me is that of Michael Wood, erstwhile Labour candidate in Pakuranga who was convincingly trounced at the last electorate Maurice Williamson. Clearly his two unsuccessful attempts at national politics have seen him realign his ambitions to something he may be able to cope with, a Community Board.

The policy page is just a laugh a minute;

[quote]Auckland City needs leadership that respects people, cares for the environment, encourages flourishing communities and innovative businesses. It must have a region-wide, as well as citywide focus. Aucklanders deserve to have leaders who take notice of their views. City Vision Councillors and Community Board members listen to you and your community. They reflect, decide and act.[/quote]

Haha leadership that respects people, I wonder what Bruce Hucker thinks about that? "They reflect, decide and act" should really read, "They reflect on the polls, decide on increased rates and act like a bunch of prats."

These guys couldn't run a bath and if they did they would find that Hucker had nicked the plug.

All in all the City vision website is a disappointment for its lackings. Lack of the truth, lack of quality, lack of any new ideas.