Clark will face questions about Benson-Pope in Parliament

Clark will face questions about Benson-Pope in ParliamentThe National Party says Environment Minister David Benson-Pope's office was involved in a "politically motivated sacking" and it wants Prime Minister Helen Clark to say whether she still has confidence in him. Miss Clark is on… [NZ Politics]

And so she should, why she continues to protect this fool is beyond belief. John Key is absolutely right in calling attention to this appalling circumstance and Annette king's and Panty Slut-b'oy's rather lame attempt at a cover-up.

[quote]"No Beehive staffer would act on an issue as serious as this without the minister's say so," he said.

"Mr Benson-Pope has been dancing on the head of a pin. His honesty is again under scrutiny and Helen Clark must say whether she intends to tolerate this new low standard."

He said Miss Clark had invested "considerable capital" in protecting Mr Benson-Pope.

"She now needs to say whether that support continues despite his attempts to mislead the media and the public this week."[/quote]

His denials have about as much credibility as famous "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" denial from Slick Willie.

Don't hold your breath, I predict that Clark will annouce this is all a beat up and we should all move on.?