Experts' advice to Clark – revitalise your caucus and go on the attack

Experts' advice to Clark – revitalise your caucus and go on the attackOpen-heart surgery on the Labour caucus, an extreme makeover for Helen Clark, the economy and John Key have been picked as the factors for a Labour-led government to stay in power after 2008. Former Prime Minister Mike Moore, political… [NZ Politics]

Three commentators comment on how Clark can turn around the endless stream of bad news. unfortubately for most of Labour's front bench and ministerial hanger's on themedicine is almost universally described as "renewal". Raving Socialist Jon Johanssen has the best line by far;

[quote]"To stay relevant, there needs to be a bit of a project about making her seem a bit more humble. Are you laughing yet? It's a bit more substantive than an airbrushing."[/quote]

Quite how they are going to manage that is beyond my comprehension let alone the Prime Ministers. When you draw from a bunch of failed teachers, unionists and professional bludgers your talent pool is decidedly shallow.

Labour are royally screwed if they think Shane Jones is their great Brown hope, and there is precious little talent below number 3 in their caucus.

My prediction is that as the polls soldify and worsen for Labour there will be a great rush for door as the losers bolt rather than spend many a long year in opposition.