Factions divided over One Auckland

Factions divided over One AucklandLawyers have been called in over the name of a political party launched today to contest the Auckland local body elections. Headed by controversial mayoral candidate Steve Crow, the new party is called oneauckland.com and is promising… [NZ Politics]

I see that the the new Porn King ticket "1Auckland" is going to launch today. However, it launches under the legal threat of a name change, because they've pinched the brand for the One Auckland Trust (spearheaded by local government supremo Grant Kirby)

To help them avoid legal dramas like going through another launch, Whaleoil Media has come up with a logo so people will know that the 1Auckland ticket is the Steve Crow ticket, and not related to the local government reform brains trust run by prominent Aucklanders.

All they need to do is attach the above logo to all their communications, and presto – instant name recognition. No one will ever confuse them with the serious One Auckland Trust.
I see also that veteran party hopper Chris Diack has leapt into the new party. Mummy and Daddy, who he still lives with, will be pleased with him no doubt.
Oh, and here's a thought. Julie Chambers is a member of the St Andrews Anglican Parish committee. What's she doing shacked up with the Porn king?
No doubt Diack and Chambers membership of Citizens and Ratepayer will be cancelled forthwith.?