"Good Neighbours" pogrom

Chris Carter is now treading a fine line between sensible management of state tenants and meddling intrusively in people lives.

Adolf over at No Minister labels him Heinrich Carter as his "Good Neighbours" programme pogrom is yet another State control operation against things that are not illegal, ie being a bad neighbour.

[quote]Mr Carter said he had instructed Housing New Zealand to form a programme to build good neighbourly relations so problems could be nipped in the bud.

The programme would include a look at anti-social behaviour initiatives in the United Kingdom, which rely on neighbours to collect evidence and report bad behaviour.[/quote]

How long is it before "nipped in the bud" moves from a visit from the authorities to being dispatched to a re-education camp.

What constitutes "bad behaviour"? Is it loud and noisy parties? Excessive swearing? Graffiti? Being a member of the Exclusive Brethren? Being a member of the National Party? Not being a member of the Labour Party?

See where we are going?

Adolf is right, Heinrich Carter has gone too far.

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