Clark has just given a stand up saying she has accepted Panty Slut-boy's resignation.

She was scathing about his less than honest approach this week.

He is gone and before lunchtime.

Now his protection is gone will the police now re-investigate the allegations previously laid against him. It surely must be in the public interest now that he has proven to be a liar.

The way the government has handled this fool has been truly terrible. The damage will be long lasting.

At last however a minister gets the chop and some of the poop lands on Clark's lap at the same time.?

Of course the lickspittles won't comment and if they do decide to comment will lay all the blame at the feet of the opposition. Naturally they don't expect "Twitchy" to cop any flak.

At least now Panty can spend a bit more time at the Southern Kinx dungeon having his balls kicked or whatever turns him on.