Guess what? 20Free isn't

Parliament creche fee down only 25pc despite 20hrs free – New Zealand's leading news and information website

This must bite.

The playHouse parliamentary creche, which operates rent-free from a building in the precinct, is cutting weekly fees from about $200 to about $155 for three- and four-year-olds.

Treasurer and licensee Chris Banks said it had opted into the early childhood education scheme, but was charging more for hours beyond the 20 free.

"We haven't elected to do any donations, but we are effectively charging more for the non-free hours." Typical bloody double-speak.

A reduction by half on the previous weekly charge, reflecting the 20 hours free, was not possible because staff wages and some other costs had increased since the last fee rise in 2004.

"Being a Government creche we thought … it wouldn't be a good look if that particular creche didn't implement."

See, even they can't make ends meet and they live rent free!!! And they only opted in because it "wouldn't be a good look" if they didn't.

Fess up Maharey, your policy ain't free.

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