Herald Blog: Labour spends up big with taxpayer's money

Blog: Labour spends up big with taxpayer's moneyThey are at it again. Parliament is spending tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on political party advertising, thinly disguised as information on policy, this time on Labour's July 1 announcements. We can't find out… [NZ Politics]

The herald has a new blog section for Audrey Young, a sure sign that bloggers are getting under the skin of the Antique Media. As she is new to blogging i will let her off her apparent rudeness at not giving me a hat tip for giving her the story she has decided to write, just a day or two after she was alerted to Labour's shenanigins with our money that I exposed the day it actually happened.

Anyway, kudos for Audrey, for at least trying to get to the bottom of Labour's blatant trough snuffling. One hopes that Kevin Brady is taking a good hard look at their continued thievery from the taxpayer.

The shame of her story is that it won't be in the print edition.

[quote]I saw on Sunday at the launch of the July 1 policies in Te Atatu why the PM's office didn't want publicity over the publicity. The array of party literature on display – and being posted through mailboxes and on websites – equals anything you would see during an election campaign.

By any "common sense approach based on looking what a reasonable member of the public would think," (the Auditor General's own stated guiding measure) the advertising as a whole looks like electioneering.[/quote]

Has Audrey cottoned onto Labour's master plan to go to the country early in the face of deteriorating polls and Dear leaders sudden slump in popularity? From the mountains of red coloured paper to website ads, it sure looks like they are campaigning from here.