Herald Blog: Nats accused of betraying Maori Party

Blog: Nats accused of betraying Maori PartyPita Sharples on Marae this morning rather extravagantly accused National of betraying the Maori Party for not supporting Tariana Turia's bill to repeal the Foreshore and Seabed Act. That would be fair only if National had misled… [NZ Politics]

Pita Sharples has been just a little silly today, accusing National of a betrayal. Except Pita has neglected to observe the facts.

National signaled very early on that it would not support their proposed bill and never wavered from that message. If there is any betrayal it is from the Labour Party which reacted in a knee-jerk fashion to a silly piece of judicial meddling.

Pita will no doubt calm down and in light of comments from Shane Jones and kate Sutton see that Labour thinks Maori are an appendage of theirs by right rather than from respect.