High ranking Labour functionary and her racist remarks

Maori MP upset by ‘white people’ remark – New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz

The week from hell continues with allegations of Labour treating Maori shabbily, Shane Jones thinking that Maori have been “duped” and now Kate Sutton, the chair of the Tamaki Community Board, in the Labour held Tamaki Maungakiekie ward of Auckland City. And reputed to be a rising star in Labour has said;
[quote]”Pakeha prefer to vote for white people with names they can pronounce”.[/quote]

What is it with these rising stars of Labour, they open their mouth and then insert both feet.
churlishly about failing Maori for not being able to repeal the Foreshore and Sea bed Bill has now been handed two fantastically big sticks with which to beat Labour.

It is very hard to counter the assertions made by their “rising stars”. Labour looks every bit the arrogant third term government that they are.

Kate Sutton meanwhile thinks she has been duped, of course she can’t have been she isn’t Maori and Shane Jones has said that it is Maori that Labour likes duping.

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