How on earth does Damien O'Connor keep his job?

Once again Corrections is in the news and once again it is for the wrong reasons.

Damien O'Connor must have some bloody good pictures of Helen Clark as he seems almost bullet-proof as his Ministry lurches from one crisis to the next.

This time the fools at Corrections have released a Christchurch prisoner from a six-month prison sentence after just 10 days due to a "computer cock-up".

It is unbelievable that no-one takes any blame but the computer is somehow at fault. Look at the complete incompentence when explaining how it happened;

[quote]Christchurch Men's Prison manager John Roper said Faalilo's sentence had been miscalculated.

"Prison sentences are complex to calculate. We deal with over 12,000 prisoners each year. Unfortunately from time to time we may get these calculations wrong, which has happened in this case," he said. [/quote]

Might I suggest a simple spreadsheet and some basic queries could solve this problem. How bloody hard is it to calculate a prison sentence anyway. they get sentenced to 6 months they should do 6 months give or take a year.